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Winter Schedule - 2019
We'd love to see you at:

Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts
Hobe Sound, FL
February 2 - 3

Dunedin Craft Fair
Dunedin, FL
February 9 - 10

Art Fiesta in the Park
New Smyrna Beach, FL
February 16 - 17

HCVA Craft Fair
Cocoa Village, FL
March 2 - 3

Sea Beans, the mystical sea travelers from the Tropics, begin their extraordinary journey by escaping from the pods that have nourished them deep in the rainforests. Riding the jungle rivers to the sea, the Sea Beans are quickly caught up in the ocean currents, drifting for years until they land on some distant shore. The most prized Sea Beans are the Mary's Bean, the Sea Heart, the Sea Purse, and the ubiquitous Hamburger Bean. All carry the belief of Good Luck to the finder, since their origins are never known, and their journey can only be imagined. 

The Bracelet Boa
is available
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